Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Wreath

The Peanut and I decided to make a Christmas wreath, after loving how our Halloween Wreath turned out.  First we got a wire hanger, and shaped it in a circular fashion. I then wrapped the wreath with rags, to get a fuller shape, and glued it into position with my glue gun.

I bought some ribbon at the dollar store and cut them into sort sections.

Then I tied the pieces around the wreath form, knotting them on the outside

And then the inside.

Added a piece of colour, and viola!!

I like the crisp, satiny whiteness of the wreath and the POP of colour the berries add.


Mrs. Claus said...


Karren Haller said...

Hi there stopping by from The Blog Frog to say hi. I am following GF, have shared to FB following on NB have Tweeted and will visit your BF community and find you on FB Please stop by our Jingel Bell Blog Hop today at and follow. Thanks have na great day! Karren

Corine said...

Gorgeous! :D Thanks for sharing!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by!!!! Hope you are surrounded by all your loved ones this holiday Season, Corine :)

Kelly said...

Nice to meet you Karen, I will stop by :)

Kelly said...

Thank you Mrs. Claus. We love decking our house out for the holidays, and nothing like homemade style decorations to get you in the CHristmas spirit!

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful, I love the white and red combo - very avant garde :)

Kelly said...

Thank you Miss Suzie. I quite like it myself ;)


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