Monday, November 8, 2010

Superhero Training Academy

Well, the Peanut's birthday premise was a Superhero Training Academy.  The invitations that were sent out are here.  I was very impressed with some of the imaginative costumes that the kids came in, such as Super Farmer (she feeds the world) and Dragonfly Girl (an amazing homemade costume).

Unfortunately, I only took 1 photo. Crappy. But I pretty much was running around like a bat with her head cut off (I was Batwoman). Incase any of you are considering having your child's whole class over for their birthday party - totally re-think it!! Or have it catered or professionally done. This would have been amazing had I had a team to help me. I luckily I did have a couple parents and a sister that helped, but had I been hired to do this - it would've rocked!!!

Anyways, needless to say way too many kids in too small a home with too much energy!!!! I forget that not all kids are like the Peanut. It's easy to do, since she is my day in and day out. Not all kids love crafts or will play a game in its entirety, or NOT run around the house and literally get their little hands into everything they can!!!

Sigh, chalk it up to another learning experience. It was pretty amazing in my head :) And I think it turned out OK - but man, those little gaffers have alot of energy, LOL!!!

When the little Superhero's came to the door, they were given a Top Secret identity badge which had their photo on it (taken with a Polaroid) and their thumbprint. These were put into those ID plastic badge holders that they wore around their neck.

They were also given a mask (like the Peanut has on in her photo) which they decorated with baubles and gems. Then the games...

They had to get the Kryptonite from the Bat Cave which was full of spider webs (glow sticks in a streamer laden closet)...

Super bowling which they had to hone their skills to knock down the villains...

Web the bad guys who had captured Spidey by using his webbing (hit the helium balloons, except the Spiderman one, with silly string)... this one turned out the best, and we did this outside where there was a breeze so the balloons danced in the wind :)

Dinner was mini burgers and Doc Oct hot dogs, watermelon and chips. And for dessert the kids decorated their own cupcakes. Each kid had a cup with a superhero and their name on them (picture was taken after everyone had gone home)

and were filled with Sprite, and got to choose a few juice flavoured ice cubes (superhero vitamins) and therefore got to colour their drinks!!

and they each received a loot bag and Superhero graduation certificate.

Here is the one and only photo I took of the whole day...

A pretty crazy 3 hours, which note to self - 2 is plenty!!!!  The Peanut is a pretty mellow kid, and easy to please, like her mum. It's funny, I never even thought about the gifts. In fact I totally forgot to bring her wrapped present down from my room!! Which actually worked out great, since some of the kids were done watching her opening up her presents. And we got to enjoy that together, just her and I.

The next day, she hadn't even dug into most of them. I took her aside and told her how lucky she was, and that some kids don't get any present at all, for their birthdays or Christmas. She thought that was pretty sad. I asked if she wanted to donate a couple of her gifts to some boys and girls that do not get any. She said she wanted to, and she picked out three things. One day soon, we will wrap it together and bring it to the kids toy drive.

What a crazy day and one truly Super Peanut!!!

How was your weekend?


  1. I know what you mean with the kids going crazy. Try having a party and inviting all of the family and their family over for a whole 6 hours, I will NEVER EVER be throwing a party at my house, with no help and most of all with alchahol loving adults EVER AGAIN. Good thing there are kids venues around :)

  2. wow, what an awesome idea! not sure i'd invite the entire class over, but still, it sounds like they had fun :) and that's very sweet of your daughter to give her presents to those who don't have any.

  3. Wow - couldn't imagine that party plus family !!!!! Though I could've put them to work, and I might've gotten more than one photograph outta the deal ;)

  4. WOW! That sounds like a fantastic b-day party Kelly! I can't think of anything that would've topped it when I was that age. Well, I COULD, but I wasn't into U2 at the Peanut's age ;-)

  5. Gotta say, you did an awesome job! Wish I was a friend of Peanut! Good work, Mom, she will always remember this.

  6. Ha - but she keeps talking about Hannah Montana! Funny thing is, I am not sure she even knows who or what that is :) It's interesting that school has already brought home some interesting topics... kindergarten, who knew?

  7. Thanx Connie. I really wish I has gotten more than one photo, though...

  8. What a GREAT Creative party idea! Bet everyone had a BLAST!

  9. I hope so :) It was pretty crazy!!!! BUt I actually really loved doing it !!!!

  10. Well, we are new so I wasn't sure who to invite - luckily not all of her class came, and it was a small class to begin with - PHEW!!!!

  11. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  12. adorable! My daughter wore the same costume for holloween! Love the loot bags!

  13. Awesome party! Found your blog on No rules blog hop. New follower. Stop by as we celebrate children's author birthdays!

  14. OMG - this looks like it was the coolest birthday party ever! I may have to snag a few of these ideas for my little Pixie next year. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Go for it :) Your little girl will love it!! But whoa - did it ever go fast!



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