Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Santa Claus Parade

I love the Santa Claus Parade!!! All the imaginative and wonderful floats that people dream up and execute. It doesn't matter if it's small town or big city, I love the joy and excitement that it brings.

This year we were asked to volunteer to help spread the joy for Community Living - where I volunteer. The Peanut was so excited - and of course thinking she would get to meet Santa and his reindeer, and perhaps there would even be presents...

It's all a little cloudy in the mind of a 4-5 year old!! But I love it, because they are also in that enchanted phase, where everything is new and exciting and believable. And some of us even keep some of that well into our thirties and beyond ;)

The theme for the float was Winnie the Pooh - and since we weren't ask to help out until the very last minute - all we had was Santa hats.... but that was enough!!! Here's the Peanut snuggled up with Eeyore, waiting to get going... why is it always the coldest day on parade day????

...the float... (note Eeyore's house constructed behind the Peanut)

A very cute Polar Express float...

Fortunately, we were in front of the baker's truck...otherwise we wouldn't be recipients of this most crazy and the coolest bread I have eve seen - RAINBOW BREAD!!! The Peanut was happier to get this bread, then to see Santa, I think!  It is some pretty cool bread, and everyone scored a loaf !!

and last, but not least, Santa and his reindeer...

I only got a few shots because we were close to the end, but is was a long, wonderful day. The Peanut and I, sure got our exercise as we were handing out the candy. And the Peanut was bound and determined that every single kid, and the odd adult, got a piece of candy!!! God she is a cutie!!! Even when it was over, and we were walking back to the car, she stopped and gave a few little kids some of the candy she had gotten while we were watching the end of the parade. Awwwww, I think I done good raising that kid ;)

What did you all do this weekend?


  1. Looked like a fun parade! That Rainbow bread looks soo pretty. Almost too pretty to eat hehe.

  2. The Santa Claus parade already?! I love Christmas so much, and having kids to celebrate it makes is just so so sooo much better!

  3. Yep :) Isn't it crazy how quickly everything approaches???

  4. Funky eh? I wonder how they make it???



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