Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins - Halloween Diamonds

Carving the Pumpkin has always been my favourite part of Halloween. This year we bought 5 of them :) And the Peanut even did one all by her self.

We take pumpkin carving really serious here, LOL!!!

This year for the very first time I painted the outside of one of the pumpkins, white, for my Mummy Pumpkin.

Here are all of them carved, the Peanut's is the second from the left, I love how her nose is off center :)

Here they are all lit up,

We spent Halloween with my sister and her kids, and at her house everyone each did one there (and we brought 3 of ours) so here are the 6 of them all lit up :)

Well, another Halloween loved and gone... got some great ideas for next year... and planning to possibly carve a pumpkin every day in October....

That's me, Batwoman!

How was your Halloween?


  1. Your pumpkins look great! I really like the skull face pumpkin :)

  2. Fantastic pictures - looks like you all had a great time!

  3. yes, yes we did :) I am counting down the days till the next Halloween....

  4. That's my favourite too - though the Peanut's one with the off centre nose is pretty darn cute, lol!!!!

  5. these pumpkins are so great!! looks like the kids had fun too :)

  6. Yes, I think we all had fun ;-)

  7. OMG - absolutely love, love all the pumpkins you guys made!!! You were busy, LOL!!! Way to go Batwoman!

  8. Yes, hopefully we can do more next year :) I love, love doing pumpkins!!!



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