Pay it Forward Fridays

It's Friday everyone :)

Not sure about you, but I am looking forward to the weekend!!!
So this weekend I encourage you to share the joy, spread the love, and just genuinely put out good vibes into the universe.

A smile can give a lot, on a much needed day. I hot coffee or hot cup of cocoa, can do wonders for the soul and a cold body.  As we enter into the gift giving season, think of the gifts that you can give everyday, to those around you. All of the little things multiplied by millions can make one very HUGE thing!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Jenn said…
Excellent idea! Perhaps I will take some homemade cookies to the librarians when we go to storytime today.
Cheryl said…
Ah I missed Friday but I so love your thoughts - beautiful! I hope you're still receiving my posts as I changed my url in a fairly newbie fashion... I'm now at and Merrilyn's new joey is a boy! Leaving, but taking your words of wisdom into my heart!
Kelly said…
Thanks for letting me know of your move :) Hope you had a great weekend!
Suzie Q said…
I love coming here Fridays for inspiration :)
Kelly said…
What a very sweet idea :) Have a great weekend Jenn!!
Kelly said…
That's very sweet of you to say :) There are so many people that inspire me, it's nice to know that I have returned the favour!

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