Pay it Forward Fridays - Volunteering

Been very hectic around here lately, as I have gained another volunteer job, on top of everything else I have been doing. I have started to work with our local chapter of Community Living - and I am absolutely loving it!!! Working with these individuals bring such light into my life, and they welcome me into theirs with open arms.

I am getting excited because we start our Christmas baking with them next week, and I am told they make the best butter tarts in the world. Being a huge butter tart fan, I think I may be in heaven :)

So my challenge to you today is to volunteer the most important thing you have to offer - YOU. Your time can be such a blessing to others, and it you just may get more out of it than you give.

There are so many avenues for you to volunteer with.... so this weekend, think where you can volunteer a couple of hours or more to help out your community, who knows, you just may become addicted :)

Have a great weekend guys, I will post pictures of the Superhero Training Academy next week..

Na na na na na na na na  BATMAN !!!!!


Christine said…
awesome! I volunteer on Sundays, leading a couple of autistic girls in a horseback therapy session.
Kelly said…
That is great!! I have heard that autistic people respond positively to animals such as horses and dolphins!

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