Pay it Forward Fridays - Toy Drive

Happy Friday everyone!!! As we are coming closer to the Holidays, it's time to think about those that are less fortunate than ourselves.  Today the Peanut and I are taking those gifts that she decided to give away to  some children who might not otherwise get some, that she had chosen from her Birthday party loot. Once again, I am a proud Momma :)

We are going to our local Fire hall (most have a toy drive this time of year) to donate them.  I think it's important that she be a part of that, as she was the one who chose to give away some of her new gifts. I think its important she follow it through and receive the credit for her selflessness, as well as be part of the miraculous joy of giving.

Speaking of giving, Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours in the south :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!! AND stay tuned for there will be some GIVEAWAYS next week!!!!


the mrs said…
love this season - thanks for always being such a giver-even when the rest of the world isn't thinking the same way!
Kelly said…
Thanks, Mrs. so very kind of you to say. I have been blessed in many aspects of my life, by some outrageously kind people :) So I choose to Pay it Forward, and hopefully instill the same in others !!
Connie said…
What a wonderful example to set for your Peanut..leaving a legacy of unselfishness!
Kelly said…
thanks, Connie. I believe it starts at home :)

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