Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November is here

Is anyone else feeling the cold today?

November just sorta snuck in there, and the snow will be flying soon enough. I am one of those people who love to have 4 distinct seasons, and I like them all. 

I have to say that Fall is my favourite season, there are the beautiful leaf colours, crisp mornings, and of course - Halloween.  But every season has its charm.

The Peanut and I love the snow and all the creativity that it can encompass from snow horses to snow angels. And who doesn't love a warm cup of hot chocolate after playing in the snow?

I suppose it won't be long till I am posting pictures of our snow creations and of course our Christmas projects. From one season to the next, the world keeps on turning...

What's your favourite season?


  1. I wish I lived somewhere with seasons... On the bright side I was able to go swimming just the other day... and then the next night it was cold enough for a campfire...

  2. My favourite season has to be winter - not only does it have Christmas and New Years but it also has the warmth of coming home out of the cold and, as you said, hot chocolate.

  3. Yes, two very good Holidays, indeed!!!

  4. Well, although I would miss my four seasons, that does sound rather nice...



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