Lest We Forget

The Peanut came home from school saying this cute little poem and I thought I would share :

Poppy, Poppy
Given to me
Help make Canada 
Safe and Free.

(photo from http://mirrorrange.com)

Thank you to all those in the past and present who help protect us and keep us safe and free.

What does Remembrance Day mean to you?


theTsaritsa said…
We call it Veterans Day in the states. I thanked my friend, who was over in Iraq, for her service.
Kelly said…
Learn something new everyday. Sounds like different words, same idea :) i don't think people will ever truly understand, myself included, all that fighting in a war truly entails. They are very brave men & women. I always find it odd that you can sign up for service, in fact die for your country - yet not be old enough to drink in the eyes of the law!!!
Suzie Q said…
I can picture her saying it, too :)
Kelly said…
Oh my goodness, she was the cutest little thing, reciting that poem. And oh so proud, too!
Anonymous said…
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