Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knit Wit Deluxe Hats

I came across these cool hats called Knit Wit(s) one day.  The Peanut and I fell in love with them, they are just so darned cute!!!

The Peanut wanted the "wolf one" (I think it is actually a husky, but shhhhh let her keep thinking it's a wolf) until she found the "horse" (she calls pony) one. So we bought them. You can find them here. You can buy the cool matching mitts as well! For now, I could only afford the hats...

I think the horses have embraced the Peanut as one of them, LOL!!!!

(This post was done purely because we loved these hats - though if Knit Wits want to throw us a few pairs of mitts and hats that would be awesome, but otherwise they probably have no idea I am writing this :)


  1. Those hats are so adorable and cool! Thank you for introducing me to this new knitwear for me to covet!

  2. We are aren't we ???? ANd the hats are kinda too :)

  3. They are very warm and comfortable too, as they are fleece lined, and cover your ears :)

  4. Thank you Tracey, the hats are kinda cute too ;)

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