Fingerprint Snowmen

One finger, one thumb, and a whole lotta festive fun!!!!

Well, we are still on a creating frenzy here, and still on the snowmen theme. The Peanut finished all of her Snowmen cards, and we moved on to the fingerprint snowmen.

This is such a cute idea that I got after reading The Usborne Book of Christmas Art Ideas.  I scored these really cute square canvases from the Dollar Store, and I painted the background. My sisters and I did all of the grandchildren's fingerprints (thumb for the body, and index finger for the head) and made little snowmen out of them.  I then, drew on some hats and noses, added some little scarves etc. and gave them little personalities!!

I think they turned out so well!!!!  I have mine hinging on the wall as I write this, and it will make me smile from years to come!!!

What Christmas creating have you been doing?


Corine said…
These are adorable! ... thanks for making me smile. :D
Kelly said…
Thanks Corine :)
for beginners like me need a lot of reading and searching for information on various blogs. and articles that you share a very nice and inspires me .

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