I am a dreamer. I am a dreamer in more ways than one.  I can dream to the moon and back. I can dream beyond the stars.  I have dreams that are bigger than life, and ones that can fit in my little hand.

And, I believe in my dreams. With all of my heart.

I also dream at night, the visual kind. The crazy, scary nightmare kind. The wake up in a cold sweat, kind. Having a vivid imagination can sometimes be a double edged sword. And these bad dreams are the yin to my creative yang.

As much as I can dream up cities of spectacular colour and wondrous light, with all of the intricacies of a faeries' realm; I can dream up horrendous sadness and inescapable fear.

I have always been this way. I think my soul just does not know how to deal with some of the real life horrors of this world and these horrors just will not compute in my brain. So they seep into my consciousness and vibrate around in my core and escape into my dreams.

Perhaps it is the only way for me to release them, for I seem at most times unable to comprehend them.

Maybe one day I can unleash them into some canvases - though they might be rather unsettling.
For the most part, My other dreams, the light up your sky and lift you off your feet kind, keep me in my positive space, or shelter me from the falls that life can throw.

I think I will forever be a dreamer, and all in all, not such a bad thing...


Ms Diva said…
Suzie Q said…
Your creativity always amazes and inspires me :) I am a dreamer too!
Susan Payton said…
Just blogging around this afternoon and found your blog. I love reading all the different blogs, they are all so interesting and unique. Thanks for letting me visit.
Adrienne said…
i always have the craziest dreams. dreams are so interesting, aren't they? have you ever looked into dream meanings/ symbolisms. its fascinating.

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