Add Some Greenery into Your Life

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I am feeling the need to Spruce (no pun intended) up our house, both inside and out. But to do so in a frugal yet creative way. I love Holiday decorating, and the Peanut and I enjoy spreading the festive spirit and sprinkling our creativity over everything.

Our first festive project of the season, was to make some pots with greenery to adorn our front steps.

I think they turned out really well, and make a great addition to out front steps. I had seen these at the supermarket the other day, and thought to myself, I could make that, and for a lot less!!!

So.... the Peanut and I went to Gramma & Grampa's house (nice to have someone close by that has some land with trees :)  So have a little person pick out some cool things to add texture and colour to your arrangements.

Put all the found treasures in the vehicle to take up to the garage to work in :)

Find some old pots and fill with sand for weight.

Start strategically (or randomly, whichever you prefer) placing found items in your pot.

Keep adding stuff until you are satisfied with the results.

Having a little helper is a must.

With aid of said little helper, try out different accessories to place in your arrangement. Sing Christmas carols while working - this adds to the festivities :) 

I really like the look of the BIG red bows against all the greenery. Add some pine cones too :)

And place at your front steps, door or walkway for an instant splash of colour and festive charm.

We have lots of stuff left over, so we will be making a wreath or two.... how about you?


Chaplain Donna said…
I bet making them was much more fun than buying! The Peanut will never forget the fun times with mom and either will you!
Kelly said…
Most definitely :) I think family time is very much underated!!!!
Anonymous said…
What a great resource!

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