Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend - Pay it Forward

Here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving Weekend. Everyone will be hauling out their turkeys and cranberries and mashed potatoes (my favourite of all). And of above all, hanging out with family.

The Peanut's little turkey handprint !!

This Pay it Forward task is to remember all you are thankful for, and perhaps invite someone who is otherwise alone over for dinner or a get together. We all have had times in our lives where we haven't been around family, or are new to the area. So many times when I was away at school, I had been fortunate to have been welcomed in to many a family. It's a nice feeling. One of warmth and acceptance.

This weekend try and do the same for someone you know - who may be away from home, or who may just not know many people. Be safe everyone, and have an amazing weekend...

Things I am thankful for :

1. The Peanut and her little smile, her amazing hugs and her great BIG heart
2. Friends who have stuck by me and have offered me true support and kindness
3. Family, that although we may often disagree - we it comes to the crunch, we are there for each other
4. Our cute little house that keeps us warm and dry
5. Our health
6. The ability to create and the joy I get from it
7. All of the amazing connections and bloggy friends I have made since I started here
8. Bullet - she is a cute and reliable little mode of transportation
9. My garden and all of its goodness
10. My Freedom.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Wow! Thanksgiving is early in Canada.

    I guess I am most thankful for Jesus, without Him I wouldn't be here.
    I am very blessed to have Santa in my life to spoil me rotten and put up with my A.D.D., off-the-wall sense of humor.
    For all my children, grand-children and great-grandchildren that bring a smile to my face and keep a fire burning in my heart.
    For internet friends, a inside-sit-down job, a chair that spins LOL!
    Lots of little things!

    Thanks for sharing! You really made me think, I have a lot to be thankful for!

  2. Rather Thanksgiving comes late for you guys!!!**wink** I am thankful for Santa too - did I ever mention I saw him once as a child? And also his sleigh and his reindeer in the air... One day I will have a chair that spins, too :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for family! I'm also thankful that my parents will be watching part of my family (thing 1 and thing 2) this weekend so that my husband and I can have some much needed time together... Things get busy around here between October and the New Year... so a weekend is truly a gift!

  4. Aren't grandparents the best??? Have an especially fabulous weekend then ;-)

  5. I think Turkeys actually say gobble gobble not gooble gooble... very cute! : )

  6. Ha! Totally never caught that, LOL!!!! It was a school project she came home with...should I be worried?

  7. Happy Turkey day! Can't wait for ours to arrive. The crispness in the air gives us a hint of what's yet to come! I'm thankful for everything that I can fit in my heart.

  8. What a nice way to word it!!! Our hearts can carry endless happiness. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to from your neighbor to the south...aka Minnesota. Following you now from blog frog. Nice to meet you! ~Kimberly

  10. happy thanksgiving! I am thankful for the rain today ;)

  11. Hi Kelly. Great blog! Have linked you as my blog of the week for 11 Oct to 18 Oct 2010. Thank you for the great writes and keep them coming. Cheers!
    -Dora (

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to you. May the blessings overflow

  13. We often gripe more than display gratitude. Reminders like this are always good to stop us and make us think and remember.

  14. Thank you, this post reminds me to always have a grateful heart....I too am thankful for the connections and wisdom that I have received from my bloggie friends!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you too :) I LOVE the rain, singing in the rain is one of my favourite pastimes!

  16. Thank you, Dora! What an honour :)

  17. Sometimes friends come from the most unexpected places!

  18. Yes, I think most of us truly have alot to be thankful for. And positive energy so very powerful!

  19. Thank you, Tredart, and right back at you! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!



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