Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Remember when a pillow fort was the evil mastermind's lair?

Oh, to be a child again, and have the ability to turn pillows into spaceships, and cousins into horses and unicorns, or freeze the world with a flick of a magic wand.

The Peanut taking a snack break in the beginning fort building stage...

The Peanut's new found love - is forts.  She is crazy about building.  She is all about the fort making these days. In fact she often has two on the go. And some are exclusive forts - meaning only non-slipper wearing people can enter :)

She has become quite ingenuitive and resourceful, and I have found many interesting things in the making of her forts. Things like hair clips, canvases, binder rings, twist ties are but a few structures and fasteners she has used.

Despite her major transformation and often tricky maneuvering of the living room as well as the complete loss of all the kitchen chairs, I love the creativity that she exudes and imagination that seeps from her precious little self.

So for now, I will rejoice in the fact that I am among the earthlings still welcome in her forts. 
Especially while accompanied with cookies and milk!

Do you remember building forts as a child?


  1. Oh yes, bring on the snow. I must say the Peanut's favourites were when I built her some snow horses. SHe galloped on those suckers till they were barely snow balls, and the grass was showing...

  2. The amazing brain of a child really is nothing to be trifled with :) It needs constant imaginative nurturing - which I am sure you provide in all sorts of ways!!! Forts rule!

  3. I think so Denyse :) Movies and popcorn also taste better when in a fort!!!

  4. Just goes to show you that armed with your imagination - the sky really is the limit!!!

  5. My kids (and me) are too old for pillow forts and such, but snow fort season is coming, and you're never too old for that.

  6. Love making forts! My son got into it for awhile, but not so much anymore. I think I'll ask if he'd like to again sometime!

  7. Aww..I remember those days. :( My kids don't do forts anymore..maybe it's time to revisit the tradition!

  8. I remember when my little one built forts. As a matter of fact, I remember when I built forts, under my basement stairs. It was the coolest thing.



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