Friday, October 15, 2010

Pay it Forward Fridays - Blog Action Day

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Today is Blog Action Day, and this year's focus is on water. After the world witnessed BP's huge disaster this year, no one would disagree how important clean water truly is. Not to mention how important it is to be great stewards of this beautiful Earth. Unfortunately the sea life (both animals and vegetation) would have trouble thinking that we as humans, are doing that great of a job.

This brings me to my next point. Bottled Water.

Do you still buy bottled water? Do you still, misguidedly, believe bottled water is better for you? Cleaner? Tastier? Just the $$$ alone you can save in using tap water would surprise you. Did you know that there are far more stringent laws affecting tap water than there are for bottled water. Let alone the cost in materials, $$$ used in making it, and landfill accumulation of the bottles themselves. The following little video was brought to my attention by Tisha from Biz Mommy. So if you are one of those people who still needs their Disani, this is for you:

This weeks Pay it Forward is dedicated to Water. Keeping it clean, NOT using bottled water, not wasting it, and about doing what you can for the environment.

Also link up your Blog Action day posts... lets prove that us Bloggers really do give a damn!!

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  1. That was a very informative video. I drink tap water at home, but bottled water when I am out. I remember when bottled water was first being sold, this video is right on about how society's opinion was changed. I just hope this new opinion is not trying to mislead us in a new direction. Thanks for the information and something to think about and/or act upon.

  2. Here is my post:

  3. That's a great video, isn't it! I know we no longer provide bottled water at any of the gatherings, etc. at our motherhouse.

  4. I am guilty! Bottled water user. thanks for the post and video, it reaffirms the tug at my heart about the earth and the right thing to do.

  5. I love this blog action day, what a great idea to combine our blogging powers worldwide for a great cause!

  6. Great to hear :) Convenience is what is killing the earth!!! Thanx for stopping by!

  7. Hey Mamakats, thanx for commenting on my site :) and a great post!!! My linky thing wasn't working, but they have fixed it - so feel free to officially link up that post on my blog :)

  8. Well, I know in Canada legislation for tap water is far more strict than any laws placed on bottled water. And of course there is the whole tons of bottles as a result of the bottled water going into landfills (because we all know that not everyone recycles)...

  9. Thanks very good for report, I follow your blog



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