Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Wire Web and Spider Craft

Yeah, October finally is here! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Halloween? Well I DO! It is my favouritest holiday, and me and the Peanut have been busy... and will be all month long!!

The Peanut and I found this cool picture here of some wire art by artist, Elizabeth Berrien. The Peanut got all excited and immediately wanted to do that! And me, well, I am always up for an artistic adventure...

Our spider webs and spiders, if I say so myself, turned out pretty awesome :)

First we took some wire hangers, a bit of wire, a cool marble and some wire cutters.

Wrap the wire around the top of the hanger to secure it.

Then bring wire down vertically to the bottom of the hanger and then wrap around the bottom, and randomly go up and down and back and forth making a web-like pattern.

When done making the "spokes" of the web, cut wire and wrap around hanger to secure. Then make "circular" type patterns starting near the pinnacle or middle of the web, moving outwards. There really is no right or wrong, be inspired by mother nature :) The Peanut had trouble with this part, and I had to help her as this requires some considerable twisting...When finished, cut and secure wire.

Next grab your marble(s) and wrap with wire. Cut 4 long pieces and secure by twisting, onto the body, and this makes the 8 legs of the spider. I turned up the legs at the end to make them less pointy...

Attach to your spider web using a long piece of wire.... and voila, a magnificent wire spider and web!

Hope you all enjoyed our first Halloween craft of the season... more to come. Happy Monday everyone! Make sure to stop by all month long for your Halloween fun...


  1. What a lovely idea for the kids and dose not cost much, a great idea. best wishes Julie.C

  2. Thanx Julie, the Peanut and I had fun making them :) ANd after my purse being stolen - could use a few fun activities that are low on the $$$$ :(

  3. You come up with the COOLEST kid's craft ideas!! I am so doing this with my daughter!

  4. This is darling

  5. I think it turned out pretty good for working on the fly!!!!



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