Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I have been having difficulty deciding the perfect costume this year...
Last year I became a last minute witch, and the Peanut was an adorable unicorn.

The Peanut has her costume all ready, but I am still having trouble narrowing mine down...
I have NEVER not dressed up for Halloween my entire lifetime, and I sure as heck not going to stop now!!!
If you've got any ideas, let me know...

Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. I had the same difficulty i decided to throw on a somewhat skimpy outfit with a mask and be a zombie girl lol. You can take my idea (pick whatever outfit you choose)walmart has some great female mask.
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  2. This is so weird. Your peanut has the same costume as my niece Emma Joy for this year!!! I am so excited about it. And my other two nieces are My Little Ponies. Love the witch costume.


  3. You could go as a used popsicle stick and tell people you're Stephen Harper's charisma.

  4. Hi! Thanks for following me on Blog Frog. I am following you there and also now on your blog. Hope you can follow my blog :)

  5. Ha - somehow that might get lost in translation to my 4 yr old....

  6. It was a great costume because it was so cold on Halloween last year!! The witch I just thru together last minute and thankfully didn't get a rash from the cheap green makeup :)

  7. I will keep that in mind, thanx :)

  8. How about Pippi Longstocking.......You'd make a really cute one! Nice witch last year!

  9. I will have to google her to get an idea of what she looks like... thanx :)



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