Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creepy Skeleton Figurines

The Peanut was flipping through my Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and saw an article by Michael deMeng, and she wanted to cut the heads off of some figurines and turn them in to skeletons, LOL!! So off to the Dollar Store we went…

The only figurines we found were these headless ones (I think they are supposed to be for holding jewelery). We found these cool skeletons – the Peanut wanted the black one – that kid knows what she likes!!

We took the wire off the head and the arms… 

Took the heads and arms off of the skeleton…

Hot glued the skeleton head and arms onto the figurine body… 

Then we painted, I painted the figurine cream to match the skeleton, and the Peanut painted hers black to match her skeleton parts.

Then the Peanut wanted to paint her dress green, and I added a few finishing touches, like some glitter to the dresses - because it really is all about the glitter!!!

So what do you think, are they creepy or glamorous? I think we are going to use the rest of the skeletons for an upcoming Halloween garland, so stay tuned…

So are you going to be cutting off some heads today??


  1. What a cute little craft! :) & She's precious!!

  2. Thank you. The Peanut really wanted to decapitate those skeletons, LOL!!!!

  3. I think these are wonderfully spooky!!And what a blessing to have little hands to help!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  4. I think your peanut would get along well with my older daughter... She loves building spooky things too!

  5. I don't usually comment on crafty things, but you two are just so creative I can't not say so. I buy stuff at the dollar store, it pretty much stays the way it came until it's ready for the garbage or recycling bin. This year, I find myself unable to find a couple of costume parts and need to improvise. So, from what can I make a pig's nose and tail, and what's best to use to dye a multi-coloured clown wig all one colour (whitish blond)?

  6. She definitely surprised me a bit - but at the same time, didn't. She has such cool, unique taste. I guess, somewhat like her mother ;)

  7. Well then, I will take that as the highest of compliments :)
    I wonder if bleach would work on the wig? Or what about spray paint, or spray hair colour? I would make the pigs nose out of playdough, or some form of, and paint it. A pipe cleaner (all curly like) could work as the tail. Or if you fancy yourself a sewer, you could always sew a skinny worm like sheath to go over some wire, and then form as desired...

  8. These are too cute. It would be the perfect concept for a really campy Halloween wedding cake topper. You have one clever girl on your hands.

  9. Oh Marie, you are so right!!!! They WOULD be the perfect Halloween cake toppers !!!!!

  10. These are so cool!!!! And I conquer with one of the above commenters that it would make a very cool cake topper!!!!

  11. Yes, very cool topper, indeed :)



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