Pay it Forward Fridays - Blog Hop

It is the end of the work week, which also means it is Pay it Forward Fridays, YEAH!!!

This week I want to hear all of YOUR amazing stories of random acts of kindness...
So join the Blog HOP and let me get all warm and tingly, and maybe even in the need for a hanky, while reading your stories :)

Seriously, go out into the world and spread some joy, and link up for all the world to know :)

ANd have yourself a great weekend while you are at it :)

See you on Monday, the Peanut and I are off on an adventure....


Sandra Burns said…
Sweet job on the blog hop! Way to go!!!

I posted my Branson trip, instead of a Pay It Forward post. But I'll be back next week!!

Love that you added the hop!!
Anonymous said…
I feel sad I don't have a "Pay it Again" current story...But I do have one from a LONG time ago...And I don't know with Blog hopping if I am supposed to post it here or on someone elses blog?? I am new to all this social stuff.

First of all I wanted you to know that I will be joining that book group.

Secondly - I know adjusted my profile on blogger so I think you can email me...I am on facebook and twitter so you can find me there too.

My story is not about me doing something - its about someone else. One year (I have PTSD bad) my car broke down in a parking lot. I stood there trying to flag down different people to help give my car a jump. EVERYONE said no. It started to rain. I was all alone. Scared. Freaking out. Didn't have a phone. Had to find a pay phone. Had no money. NO ONE would help me. Finally a young asian girl pulled up next to me. Calmed me down. Jumped my car. And all she said to me was "Pay it Forward". I will never forget her. And I hope I payed it forward. I plan to try to say that to people and help where I can. And when I can.

Thanks for the chance to share this.

Carolyn "Carrie"
Anonymous said…
oops. I blog hopped twice I think....SO CONFUSED...LOL...I will get this.
Amanda Wissmann said…
It's not much, but here is mine for the day :)

As I was making sandwiches I was thinking about someone. There is a man we see about once a month. I guess he would be our apartment maintenance guy. He is always really nice and makes it a point to say hello. He was sweeping the stairs as we were leaving to go to the store, and when we came back he was cleaning the front gate. The sun was out when we came back and it was really warm outside. I had a thought to offer him a drink. It made me a little nervous, because I am not super confident in my Spanish, and I usually find myself avoiding conversation when there is not someone around to translate for me...but I've been feeling really motivated to try and branch out recently, so I went outside and found him on the roof. He seemed more than happy to have a little refreshment. We only talked for a minute, because he was really into his work, but I was really proud of myself for not being too nervous about using my Spanish to talk to a stranger. He is a really sweet man, named Augusto and he comes by once a month to clean up the exterior of the apartment. I look forward to our next conversation and hope it's a little longer :)

maybe next time I will bake him some cookies!
Kelly said…
I think a little bit of kindness can go such a long way. Thank you so much for sharing, Amanda :)
Kelly said…
I love that story and shows the power that a little pay it forward act can have huge ripple effects!! So glad you have joined our book club :)

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