Moron Free Live Chat

A friend of mine, Miss Suzie Q from I Married a Moron - And Survived, is hosting a live chat in her BlogFrog Community Tonight (Thurs. Sept.16 9pm EDT). If you aren't a BlogFrog Member, sign up is absolutely free and painless, and you can even be completely anonymous should you so choose.

Suzie's blog is about her life story having met an abuser Moron and marrying him, having a child with him, and gotten a divorce from him as well as everything in between. It takes you on a special journey into the thoughts and feelings of an abused woman who triumphed from the prison she was held in. Despite this heavy subject matter, Suzie's wit and humour reaches you, and draws you in. She doesn't make you feel sorry for her, instead you feel sorry for her Moron. As he no doubt is missing out on the trueness of life and love and the ability to give and get respect.

Suzie has touched many lives, as well as my own. There are so many different types of abuse - yet Morons are Morons. I too have been in an abusive relationship and can identify with and relate to her stories. That's the beauty, or shall we say unoriginality of a Moron, they are all cut from the same cloth.

I hope you will stop by for the chat. Unfortunately the stats are rather large on how many women have met, had encounters or have married a Moron. Abuse is not biased to whom it affects. It reaches every race, socio-economic class and walk of life. Come together tonight to share what will hopefully be an uplifting and funny meeting of all of us survivors, or anyone else who wishes to join us.

Hope to see you there :)


Suzie Q said…
Thank you so much for this absolutely wonderful plug. It turned out to be a good night, and we will do it again soon. Thanks again, Kelly
Kelly said…
Absolutely my pleasure, Suzie Q. I enjoyed myself and met some great ladies that night!!!
monique said…
Oh no, i just came across this, which means that I missed the chat :(
Kelly said…
I am sure another one will happen soon, you can always stop by Suzie Q's site :) I am sure she would love to have you!

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