Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I can feel my artist graveyard overflowing...

You know that place in your head, where all of the great ideas die? Fantastical imaginings, stories just waiting to be told, doodles, sketches, gloriously coloured paintings that never make it onto a canvas. That place. I call that my Artist Graveyard. And it feels like mine is overflowing. I feel the need to get them out, but sometimes, if they have been there too long, this is next to impossible. Sometimes, though...sometimes, they can be salvaged. I think I am going to work on salvaging a few of those gloriously coloured, and wonderfully imagined pictures, and bring them to life...

Do you have such a place?


  1. Oh what a great idea. Will you share them when you are done? And by the way, did you do the artwork for the header?

    Good luck, may your inner peace guide your medium. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Oh I know this feeling so well. I'm also trying to bring some of my "dead" ideas back to life! Having a baby meant everything else got put on hold......but it's slowly coming back :)

  3. I hate it when this happens...

  4. Yeah, sometimes it really sucks!

  5. Yes, the header (and the footer) are my works of art :) And yes, I will show them !!!
    You have yourself a great day!

  6. Oh my, babies will always throw off a schedule , LOL!!!



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