Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Caterpillars and Nature in its Glory

Do you remember the first time you held a fuzzy caterpillar in your hand? The first time you held a frog? The first time you put a fish back into the water after releasing it from your hook? The first time tasting a smore?

All the crazy wondrous things that nature has to offer. That is, if you show your children these amazing things! I remember while in high school, taking a friend of mine camping, for the first time. Growing up camping, it never had occurred to me that someone my age (late teens then) had never been camping. When I found out that my friend had NEVER experienced camping - I decided then and there we had to change that!!! I think he will always remember that weekend, and I often wonder if that city boy ever made it back to the wild....

Nature is something to be explored, and the beauty of it can overwhelm you. I believe we should teach our children to respect nature and the love for it will blossom on its own. Followed are a few photos taken by the Peanut... We love looking through the photographs we have taken at the end of the day. And I love seeing her perspective on things.

This topic was sparked by a cute little fuzzy black caterpillar which was found on our porch yesterday when we came home, and the amazing smile that overtook the Peanut upon seeing it...

How about you, does the beauty of nature still make you smile?


  1. Yup yup! This weekend we were in Minneapolis and took a detour to walk around a park on the river and enjoy a (lately rare) sunny day.

  2. We totally love walks :) It's pretty rainy here, and the sun would be welcomed here too :)

  3. Caterpillars used to creep me out, but I used to love looking for frogs when I was little! Camping is fun, so long as there are some facilities nearby.

  4. I totally agree and yes it is the reason I smile. Love camping, even in the winter :) Have to ask what is the picture 3rd from the bottom of or peanuts view of?

    Nice post! :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. This is a SUPER cute blog posting. I love the pictures your peanut took. From the eyes of a child!!! And I love what you said about nature. And I loved what you did by taking that boy camping. Its important to experience things and to teach others to experience life. God made everything around us - respect it and enjoy it. Love your blog!

    Weird that you mentioned caterpillars. Up here in the North - actually I don't know where you are...My nieces are talking about in school they have caterpillars in cocoon's already! They are excited for hatching next spring. Butterfly's....

  6. Firsts are always speical.....like they say... you will always remember you FIRST and your LAST, whatever it might be...

  7. brandysonZenmasterflashOctober 4, 2010 at 11:15 PM

    I love that last picture shown. My husband and I love hiking and I always end up with a million scenery shots that I can't sort through because I took too many. I love nature!

  8. Yes, scenery shots are beautiful :)

  9. Thanx, Carrie. I am her biggest fan!!!! I still think about him today, and wonder if he ever went camping again, does he have kids, does he take them camping?????
    OOOooo, butterflies, they are a whole other wonderful post :)

  10. Ha, the Peanut likes them - until they poop in her hand !!!!



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