The World Wide Web

Isn't the internet a crazy place? I mean that in a good way, mostly. Pretty neat all the things that can be done via the world wide web these days, while in the comfort of your own house, own office, or if you are fortunate to have a laptop (like me) pretty much anywhere you can get internet service!

Perhaps you have a Lenovo netbook (like that one) and wanted to cruise down to your local cafe and realised that you wanted an extra battery pack for your prized possession. You could turn on your ThinkPad and go to where you could compare prices with one easy click.

You can even buy your Uncle Marvin that cool Three Wolf Moon Tshirt he has been saving his pennies for, while sipping on your latte, on the beach somewhere in the South of France.

Me, well, I love my laptop and its many uses, including a personal mini Theatre experience for the peanut and I, and it was a godsend during school. My folks on the other hand, are still on dial-up. And they have a 10 ft corded phone.

Kinda scary to think that I am the techie of the family. Even in university I would come home and the VCR (which they still have and use, by the way) would be flashing 12:00 and had a stack full of videos they wanted to watch but couldn't figure out what buttons to press to see the picture....would all be waiting for me to fix.

Now I am the official loader of MP3's and computer guru (I know, boy are they in trouble)!

How has technology or the World Wide Web changed your life? Or has it?


I only wish it had come sooner! for me, especially at this point in my life and being out of the country for really was my connection to friends and family...SKYPE is the coolest thing ever!
Suzie Q said…
I've never even heard of a Lenovo netbook, will have to check it out! And my parents they are ludites, no cell or cordless phones!!!
I just wanted to say hello. I love your blog and the name. Julie.C
Kelly said…
Yes, it can definitely bring people closer, and opportunities at your fingertips, Ruthy Ann.

Suzie, yes, check out those links :)

Julie, thank you, hope to see you again!
Jules said…
Funny, I'm old enough to remember party lines. lol I think technology is a good thing but has many flaws that corrupt our daily lives. Like children who cannot give change unless the machine tells them how much, all things in moderation. :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Jenn said…
Technology has changed my life in a lot of ways. I can save my music on the ol computer... so when the disc wears out I still have it. I don't have TV so it is nice to be able to stream shows and movies... I hate cell phones, however. My husband has one... but I don't. If I'm not at home I don't want to talk on the phone.
i would die living across the world from friends and family without the internet. great post.
Unknown said…
that's a loaded question Kelly! lol My life is completely different because of the internet and technology. On too many levels to list but the most enjoyable of which is that I can connect with others like me!
Dee said…
i love the WWW and technology. i'm not that much of a techie, but i geek out when i discover something very cool whether it be an app, a laptop, an amazing code or some other gizmo. makes me giggle like a school girl. :P

(thank you for the follow; i really like your blog. your header is beautiful!)
Hey I just saw your blog and want to say Hello to you...great post
I might send T over to your blog because he's thinking of Christmas gift ideas, and I definitely want a lap top...I have my state-issued work one, but I can't use it for too much personal stuff. Thanks for the post!

I might just have to get him that wolf t-shirt as a gift in exchange...
Legacy said…
More than I would have thought possible, in ways I could not have imagined. And I have a feeling it's not done yet.

From Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google:
"The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had."
cjazzlee said…
Oh, it's totally changed my life: made me switch my job, go back to school, introduced me to new friends, enabled our family to totally downsize (ebooks and digital music instead of cases and cases full of cds and hardcovers) and brought the world to our door, something I especially appreciate since I haven't much opportunity to travel much.

I enjoyed your recent posts. Look forward to reading more.

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