When I grow up ...

When I saw Nadia get her perfect "10" what little girl wouldn't want to be a gymnast! Then, I wanted to be a nurse, but at age 4 those dreams crashed and burned, but came alive again as a ballerina. This continued for a couple of years until I heard Anne Murray sing, then I wanted to be a STAR. After getting some pretty negative reviews, and never having the ability to carry a tune (plus I think I am tone deaf) I turned to the obvious thing, an astronaut! But quickly the sounds of the waves lured me back to the earth, where I decided a synchronized swimmer was where it was at! Until I realized how much those little nose plugs hurt! Moved to the desert for a bit, and wanted to be a nomad and ride the camels. Moved back to Canada and family bought a farm, and got my first horse, every child’s dream – and where my dream of being a cowgirl began. Got my first dog, where obviously I found my new calling - veterinarian. Almost went to school for this, but found out it was harder to get into vet school than medical school! So I naturally turned to forestry. Worked in the field for a couple of years and became an artist. Now I am a recent graduate of a Natural Resource Law enforcement program....who knows what is in my future.....

Amazingly I do almost all of those occupations every single day! I am nurse and put many a band-aid and magical mommy kisses on owies. I am a ballerina, and have the tutu to prove it! I get standing ovations from my one and only fan and even get asked for encores of my itsy bitsy spider. I routinely go on missions to Mars, and have the best co-pilot by my side. I am teacher, and artist, cowgirl and even alligator wrestler somedays. Being a mommy is the ultimate career choice!

What do you want to be when you grow up?


Eliz Frank said…
What an adorable baby photo! So sweet and yes, mom is the ultimate career choice!
Carolyn said…
Love this post,
C ~ a fellow CEO of the kitchen!
Jules said…
Oh, I so loved Anne Murray and to this day am teased about mutilating her songs LOL

Love the imaginary of the many hopes and careers. :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Corine Moore said…
Great post! I LOVE IT!!! Being a mom is the best occupation... EVER! :D

kj said…
I can't recall the different occupations I once dreamed of having, but I do know that the occupation I ended up with was definitely not on my list.

"Being Mommy" is a life long CAREER, and it gets even more rewarding when the kids become adults and start their own families. I loved this post -- Heart-felt and eloquent.
Hi, Im polly. I just saw your blog on BlogFrog.

That is a cute baby picture !

So far i want to be in engineering but that might change.

Here's my blog: http://photoholic07.blogspot.com/
Awww, your baby pic is so cute! Now I can't wait until our new addition arrives in October!;)

I wanted to be a pediatrician for the longest time, I didn't change my mind for years, Oh how I loved babies.

Well, I'm not a pediatrician but I am a doula, a breastfeeding peer counselor, child birth educator and best of all a MOMMY!!! So I still am kinda in the field of choice. :)
inactive said…
Loved this post!!!

I wanted to be Wonder Woman....lol...some days I think I'm close and other days I think I am not so much...lol
I wanted to be a fierce litigator, who put family and kids on the back burner to save the world against injustices everywhere. But I grew up, and although I did become attorney, I have chosen to be a mom now. I love this posts! Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
awwww...can I be a ballerina too?? :D
the mrs. said…
love it!
--I just want to be me
-----a very happy & at peace me.
Wahzat Gayle said…
Love it! This was a fabulous post!. I wanted to be a vet as well and also a nurse like my Grannie and then I said why limit it to nurse i can be a doctor and then I said yeah a dog doctor that's me... then I slammed into Chemistry and Physics and said oh no way! Hello Art and Art History LOL
And yes yesterday I was vet for the day as i dressed my poor idiot pooch nose after he ran into a fence chasing a rat!
Children are the best too they do indeed keep you young.
Monique said…
Beautiful scrapbook page! You could do this for a living! You forgot to say that you are a SUPER WOMAN!
Kelly said…
Ahhh yes, Jules, my version of snowbird would make any bird fly south....
Thanx Monique :) Made my day!!!
Batya said…
AH, Kelly, I missed reading your posts while on safari in Florida. I have so much catching up to do. When I grow up I want to be a mom again - or - maybe get a do-over. When my kids were really young (and short), I suddenly realized how much wonderment we miss by not being as close to the ground as they are. It opened my eyes, both literally and figuratively.
Peanut is a beauty inside and out. You are blessed to have each other. I need to get the "I Love Dirt" book for myself!
Suzie Q said…
I wanted to be a ballerina too :)
I love getting the monthly, sometimes daily update on what my lil one wants to be. Love this post. You have such a unique writing style.

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