Monday, August 30, 2010

A Trip To the Zoo

Visiting my sister, we were able to spend some time at the Toronto Zoo. I love the Zoo. There's nothing like a trip to the zoo to bring out your inner child while nurturing your living one. Watching my peanut run from exhibit to exhibit with her cousins, and that HUGE smile plastered on her face, brought a rather larger smile to my own. Ah, to be young again… To experience newness, and envelop freedom… (even if it's from one moment to the next)  ... In the last days of summer, before school...

Here are some photos of our favourite things...

Two LARGE sea turtle playing tag, or maybe Marco Polo...
A very curious giraffe...
The peanut in awe of all the cool frogs from a very unique viewpoint!
Who doesn't love a cute hippo butt ?
The coolest exhibit where you actually get to touch the stingrays...
Finished off with the FREE water park :)

Man, what a day! Loved seeing all the cool animals, and watching the girls interact with one another and see the world from their point of view, for awhile. Brought me back to my own childhood, and the wonder and awe of the living world around us...

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Oh, I soooo agree. I love the zoo! My kids and now my grandkids have traveled over the same path in the Honolulu Zoo at least a million times! You are right, I love it as much as them, I'm sure! Thank you for sharing..and your peanut is a cutie!

  2. And now... I want to go to the Zoo! :D By the way, I love the photo of your little peanut in the bubble (whatever that is). That one reminded me of the cuteness and craziness of kids and made me laugh. :D I'm glad you two got to have fun together. ;)

  3. Me too, me too... I want to go to the Zoo. It is way too swelteringly hot right now in Florida so I'll have to wait a bit. What a precious lil' peanut.

  4. Blue Frog Legs..what a unique blog title. Love your zoo pix...gotta go to my local zoo now!

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  5. Isn't it fun to sit back and look at the world through the eyes of a child?

    I know I forget to do that sometimes. And when I do remember, I find that I can see solutions to my adult problems with simplicity... amazing how that can work!

    Love your pictures.. the zoo can be such fun!

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  7. Looks like fun. I took my little monkeys to the zoo over the weekend as well. It is always such a fun field trip!

  8. Hi Kelly! Isn't watching your kidlet take in everything with an ear to ear grin at the zoo the best part of the visit?! Our last trip had us loving the river otters...they were so playful! Glad you and your peanut had fun! :>

  9. Thanx guys, always a blast, and that stingray exhibit was mega cool, they feel like velvety sponges!!!



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