Friday, August 6, 2010

Pay it Forward Fridays - Recognition

So it's that time again...

Today I would like to recognise a few neat people I have found whom are exercising pay it forward life skills on a daily basis, and think you should totally check them out:

Operation Nice

Pay it Forward Ninja

Pay it Forward Foundation

Secret Agent L (Specializing in Anonymous Acts of Kindness and Day-Brightening)

Extreme Kindness

Operation Beautiful

What random acts of kindness have YOU done today?


  1. Bought and extra composition book for a needy child (all I Can afford) and return an elderly gentleman's keys to him. He had forgot them in the mailbox at the assisted living home.

    I love being giving and polite.
    Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Cool links...look forward to checking these people out. About once a month, I pay for the person behind me's order at McDonalds. I stop almost every morning for a sweet tea, so I get to buy a stranger breakfast every now and then! :-) You never know when somebody needs that too.

  3. Jules, I don't think the amount is what's important, you give what you can, And I love it!!!
    Katie, I think that is so totally awesome!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder Kelly, and for the links to these amazing sites. I have a habit of buying other peoples groceries, especially an elderly person or an struggling mom. Some days I leave the house just looking for someone to help - they are in need EveryWHere. I am so going to borrow some of the ideas that I saw on these sites.. I love it.
    Oh, yeah, my new "hat" is finished and we got to "test rain" it today. It works just great! Thanks for asking ;)
    Have a great night!

  5. Hi follower from the Friday Blog Hops. Very inspirational blog. I can use some positivity in my life right now.

    Would love it if you dropped by for a visit when you get a moment. I love new followers and friends.



    The Things We Find Inside

  6. I'm not saying, but there were some.

    This is a wonderful and inspiring Friday tradition.

  7. How have I not seen this before? What a great way to end the work week! I love it!

  8. Well this had made me think and I am glad to say I do have at least a couple a plus points to my day.
    Thank you, your post made my day.

  9. I am so glad, so many people out there do such amazing things...

  10. Thank you..
    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and joined Friday Follow New Friends.
    I truly value you and your time. I hope you will stop back often as my journey into publication continues and I will do the same.

    Have a great day.



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