Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gone Fishing ...

Well, the peanut and I are off for a day of exploring and fishing...

Would like to thank Cori of Cori's Big Mouth for this Kreativ Award. You must check out her blog, crazy girl loves life so much she loves spending it with multiple kids ... you'll have to check her out to get the gist...

So apparently am supposed to share 7 things about myself... here goes...

1. I never realized I had freckles - lots of them - until I was 26 and someone told me...
2. My favourite colour is blue.
3. I swear I saw a UFO landing when I was little.
4. Salted lemons and pickled carrots are two of my most favourite snacks.
4. I still believe in Santa Claus, not so much in the Big Bunny.
5. I love getting mail, the real kind, that comes in your mailbox. (my tummy does a little flip flop happy dance)
6. I wish I could walk in high heeled shoes and know what to do with make-up, sadly I am pretty much a barefoot get-up and go in 5 minutes kinda gal...
7. I appreciate the kindness in people, and the simple things in life. Like someone sharing their chocolate bar with me. MMmmmm chocolate...


  1. Have an awesome day Girl with your little Peanut (love that nickname) ! By the way, I too still believe in the Big Guy a.k.a. Santa ;))


  2. Fishing and exploring - fun times to be had by all!! Good luck and have a great time!!!

  3. Got me wanting to drown a few worms, LOL

  4. LOVE that photo, and your title for it! Perfect!!

    Thanks for the shoutout :) You totally deserve the award!

  5. #4 is hilarious, although I don't believe it!

  6. Congratulations with the award! :D You totally deserve it!!!

    I love your list. If I made one up, several of these would be on my list... esp #'s 5 and 7. Great list; you're a fun person. :)

  7. So...did you guys catch anything?

  8. We caught a very scrappy Bluegill Sunfish :) ANd then we thru it back....



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