Easy Reading and the Joy of Books

I have been the recipient of a few books lately. I have forgotten how much I love books. Despite the fact that I can not afford an ipad or kindle or any of those fancy electronic readers, I don't think I could ever leave my books. I love the look, texture, smell and feel of them in my hands as I pour myself into them.

One day I will have a library with floor to ceiling shelves of all my books. BIG books, little books, children's books, silly books, art books, cook books, cheesy books, spy books and science fiction books. I love me some books.

The peanut loves books too. and curiously, lately she has preferred books without pictures. An interesting choice for someone who cannot read yet. But she is learning! I am amazed at her desire to learn and willingness to expand that beautiful brain of hers.

In that wonderful parcel we just received, she has claimed I Love Dirt. Here she is with her most recent prized possession. I hope when she does learn to read, she will love the written word as much as her mother. And the ability and desire to be seduced into a dragon's lair or in a strange and foreign culture. With such a beautiful imagination, I can only hope for as much. And after all, she is her mother's daughter...

I on the other hand am learning some mad ninja skilz ... can't tell you anything else - or will have to kill you!

Thank you to our anonymous literary friend (although I think I have you figured out). Kindness is often measured by one's actions and the amount of strings attached. I have had my fair share of stringy webs lately, it is a pleasure to enjoy these books string-free :)

What are you reading these days?


Kristen said…
I have a nook (one of those fancy electronic readers). I love it because then I always have a book in my purse, but sometimes I do miss the feel of holding an actual book.

I'm still working my way through the Benjamin Franklin biography. I'm a very undisciplined reader, so I take forever to finish a book. At work I'm listening to some of David Sedaris' books on CD. He writes hilarious essays. I love him (even if he is a bit of a potty mouth).

I can't get over how adorable your peanut is! Every time i see a picture of her I just want to hug her!
Jenn said…
I'm waiting for the last book in the Hunger Games series to come out (Mockingjay)... I am so excited! I know it is a book for teens... but I'm a kid at heart. My husband and I will read it out loud after the kids go to bed to make it last longer...if we didn't I would probably read it in an afternoon and feel sad that it was over when I finished.
Sherri said…
Books are the best, aren't they? I collect them... I have a dream of opening a book store/coffee shop one day... a used book store with a small "new" inventory. In my inventory right now, I have just over 1,000 books! I couldn't believe it!

That being said.. I do have an e-reader.. I bought the Sony PRS300. I love it! You see, life in an RV doesn't permit me to keep my books with me... They are in storage nicely protected. And being in school, well, those books take up my allotted "book space" in the lil home... So the e-reader keeps me going for current reads

And I am still collecting the real ones too!
I love my books anything from a light read to a murder mystery. I have a bookcase full from top to bottom of books, I like my craft books and wildlife books. I am just an old fashioned girl. Julie.C
Unknown said…
It's great to read about someone who loves books as much as I do. I too have always wanted a library in my house. I was brought up surrounded by books and believe that that is why I love the written word so much and why I feel compelled to write.
the Tsaritsa said…
I agree with you-- even though I can't afford a Kindle or iPad, I wouldn't want one. I like reading a book and feeling the pages and having my finger ready to turn the page-- it's an exciting feeling! Books rule :)
Corine Moore said…
Your little girl is incredibly cute! And it's so cool that she loves books even without photos. She is destined to be a reader. ;) PS I will one day have a library, too... and maybe an iPad (but first, I'd like an I-touch for music). Dreaming is grand! :D
Kelly said…
In a lot of ways, I am so old school-its not funny :)
I will admit I have never seen any sort of e-reader in person, but I actually can understand its appeal (space, $$, environmental issues).
But i do just love the feel of books :)
I share your love of books and also thought I would never convert to a reader. My husband gave me an iPad, and I am officially converted!!!
( http://eatlivelaughshop.blogspot.com/2010/06/why-cant-i-just-enjoy.html).

My recent favorites:
The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson. It is the second book and the trilogy and, in my opinion, better than the first. Also read this summer: Little Bee: A Novel by Chris Cleave, Secrets to Happiness: A Novel by Sarah Dunn, and Beautiful People: My Family and Other Gamorous Varmints by Simon Doonan.
Suzie Q said…
I love books too :)
inactive said…
I have been trying to get myself into reading. I always hated it growing up..but it is something I have always made a very big part of my girls' lives in an effort to avoid it becoming the chore for them that it has always felt for me. As I got older and life got more stressful i just didn't have the attention span for it, but I am trying to make myself and am proud to say that I have finished 2 and half books this summer ( thats alot for me...trust me )...Right now I am reading a book called " Whistling in the Dark "...I want to get to a place where reading becomes an escape and a relaxing thing for me and I know as someone who has always loved to write that it is a good way to fine tune your art.

I'm happy to say that in my house though I do have one very avid reader and that is my oldest and like yours she has loved books since before she could read. I hope she is always that way.

My youngest has to be forced more...but really enjoys it once you MAKE her be still and do it...lol
Kelly said…
I am glad they are reading - forced or not, LOL!!
My peanut is so close to reading, when she tries... I don't think I was reading this young....
Emily said…
I am with ya! I would miss holding an actual book.

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