Monday, July 5, 2010

Sole Sisters

I am doing a guest post at The Sole Sisters Collective.....

An amazingly cool site made possible by Salma... go and check it out!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!


Corine Moore said...

H Kelly. I saw your featured article over at Sole Sisters - Love it! You are a free spirit, aren't you? Way to live! :D

BTY- I made a comment for you over there. TTFN! Corine

Kelly said...

Thanx Corine!!!! I try to be :)

Amy said...

Loved the article on Sole Sisters! I can relate, hiking boots and my Chicago Bear Sandals are what I wear most, but I also love to dress it up every now and then! Enjoy!

Suzie Q said...

I loved your article as well, and your foot photo! Very cool, and can picture you and your peanut dancing with the fairies!!!


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