Pay it Forward Fridays - Women's Shelters

You guys know the drill...go out into the world and Pay it Forward, then come back here and share it with us :) And while you're at it, come on over to the Blue Frogs Legs Community, and join in on the discussions. Because I believe the world is full of amazing people, and we should celebrate the amazing things that people are doing. Let's celebrate the positive stuff!!!

A young girl knocked at my door the other day. She was doing a school project, and was looking for toiletries and stuff which would be donated to the local women's shelter. This young girl looked no older than 12, THIS is what I am talking about. This is the stuff!!! Needless to say I joyously emptied my cupboards and gift drawers searching for relevant stuff to donate. She left here with a bag full of stuff, and a lot of my admiration. Your challenge this week is do donate some stuff to your local Women's Shelters. They usually are in need of unused toiletries and baby and kid stuff. Call and see what they may need, you may have it hanging around your place, and could be very useful to someone who needs it far worse than you!

The last song of the Pay it Forward movie was "Calling all angels" by Jane Sibery.... (this isn't her, but couldn't find it on YouTube) enjoy...

Leave a comment below on how you Paid it Forward!


JDaniel4's Mom said…
I used to do this alot when I traveled on business. Stopping from Mom Loop.
Liz said…
the sorority i was in during college had domestic violence as their national philanthropy. we used to collect toiletries, etc. for an annual project, and my local alum group still does that here in Memphis.
Angie said…
You are an inspiration to me! I love your pay it forwards!
I have an award for you!
Have a great weekend!
~ Mona said…
Yes! I'm all about all things positive.
I also wanted to thank you for the award (way back in June..sorry so late). It really meant a lot to me. You can also see your "thank you" here:

yup, I'm a fan!
~ Mona said…
Hey Kelly! I'm back again.
I have an award to give you. Stop here and grab:

Have a great week!
Mona : )
Jules said…
I have been practicing pay it forward for years and I love the fact it is now catching on.

Following from blogfrog.
Suzie Q said…
I so totally love this idea, and just wrote a Pay it Forward Post of my own based on donating to Women's Shelters. Thank you so much for putting this out there :)

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