Pay it Forward Fridays

It is Pay It Forward Fridays again!!!! After last Friday's post, I want you to try and think of ways you can Pay it Forward to help the environment. Afterall, if my 4 yr old can come up with something, so can you :)

You guys know the drill...go out into the world and Pay it Forward, then come back here and share it with us :) And while you're at it, come on over to the Blue Frogs Legs Community, and join in on the discussions. Because I believe the world is full of amazing people, and we should celebrate the amazing things that people are doing. Let's celebrate the positive stuff!!!


So was cleaning up some garbage, and doing some recycling of litter while on my walk, and stumbled upon a family doing the same! It was kinda funny, the parents were swinging on the swings in the park, and the kids (4 of them) were picking up the garbage and putting in trash/recycling cans! And everyone looked so happy?!!!! ANywys, our town is looking a lot better today :)

Never really understood the whole littering thing. I mean is it that hard to walk a couple of more steps to drop whatever in the trash can? Apathy is not an excuse... But apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend folks, and don't forget to leave a comment below on how you Paid it Forward!

Don't forget to grab my Pay it Forward button on the right hand side.


Sandra Burns said…
Check it out!
I hope you don't mind but I copied your idea for my own blog. I started Pay It Forward Fridays, just like you do and encouraged people to let me know what good things they are doing or witnessing. Of course, I gave the credit to you and linked into your blog. Hope you don't mind!
Kelly said…
It's all about spreading the love, ladies :) Thanx for helping!
Eliz Frank said…
You know, I wasn't aware of this post/Pay It Forward Fridays until I stopped by from SITS. I love the idea and will incorporate it into my reborn Google blog. :-)
BTW, yesterday after I gave my parking spot to another lady at the local mall, I got out of my car and offered her my barely used parking ticket so she'd save money on her parking. I'm all for affirmative, positive goodwill.

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