Pay it Forward Fridays

It is Pay It Forward Fridays again!!!!

You guys know the drill...go out into the world and Pay it Forward, then come back here and share it with us :) And while you're at it, come on over to the Blue Frogs Legs Community, and join in on the discussions...Today we're talking about the good deeds we've observed other people doing. Because I believe the world is full of amazing people, and we should celebrate the amazing things that people are doing. Let's celebrate the positive stuff!!!

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*So I witnessed someone letting a stranger who had only a couple of items ahead of them in the grocery store line.
*I witnessed a man running 2 blocks trying to catch up to a mom with two kids after she dropped one of their toys.
*I witnessed a little boy in the park who tried to make my peanut laugh, after she fell off the swing and was crying (very cute! he did a whole magician gig, and he didn't look much older than her, 4 yrs old)
*I witnessed people holding doors for others and generally courtesy.
Yes, this is the place I want to bring my daughter up in :)


Pamela Bousquet said…
Hi Kelly!
Had a NEAT little random act of kindness this week - you can read about it here:
Pay it Forward!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kelly
I have give you award :-)
Have a nice day.
Sandra Burns said…
Wow! I wanna play on Friday! This is a great idea!

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