Off to the Races

Last Saturday I took my nephew and my lil peanut to the car races. and boy, what excitement we had!
Holy Batman, the thrill of the race, the speed, the exhilaration, the crashes, the revving engines, the popcorn and candy floss, the I was hooked!

The three of us were crazy cheering and lovin' every minute of it! We would each pick cars that we thought would win the race. I found out that I have this uncanny ability of picking the car that comes in last!!! Perhaps it is my strong pull for the underdog. Or, perhaps it is the artist in me, and I pick the cars like I pick my wine, as I am drawn to appealing designs. Either way, I learned I shouldn't gamble!!!  The other two were little cheaters as their numbers changed depending on which car was in the lead!!! My nephew was so excited he got to see the tow trucks in action, and even a fire or two - though no serious injuries were had. And we scored BIG time, as there was an awesome display of fireworks near the end of the night.

If you ever have the chance I would highly recommend it! Brighton Speedway is a family run business, that harnesses excitement and safety all in one. If you want a Saturday night that is fun-filled, excitement packed, and crowd pleasing, this is the place to go! They have great facilities and an electrifying atmosphere.

They have many divisions for your racing entertainment:
Canadian Modified
Pro Stock
Comp 4
Pure Stock
Six Cylinder Stingers
Enduro Racing
Sprint Cars
School Buses

Stop by their website for more information


Hannah said…
How fun! I have never been to any car races before but I think I know my boys would love it!
Angie said…
My hubby used to be a stock car racer. Boy do I miss those fun nights! I would also advice to bring ear protection for the kids, I remember how loud it was.
That pic at the bottom looks so real because of the background. Looks like so much fun.
Batya said…
Wow, Kelly. Your post is so full of energy! So much so, I could almost feel my foot of the gas pedal. What fun. I know my husband would love love doing this. It's worth a trip to Canada. Well, not just for the racing, I love being in Canada. But feeling the exhilaration you describe is way compelling.
Kelly said…
Hannah, you should totally take them, and you'll have a blast too!!!
Angie, way cool, do you miss those days? Yep, totally loud, but scored as we were let into someone's box, yeah!!!!
Salma, it was pretty cool, glad no one was seriously hurt!!!
Well PaulaDevi, if you find your way here, I will take you!!!!
Liz said…
you're pretty much the coolest boy mom EVER for doing this!
Suzie Q said…
You are a pretty cool mom, Kelly, but you already know that, right?!?

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