Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life in my corner of the Universe

Enamored with the past, looking optimistic towards the future, I find myself content within myself at this present time. This may change in an hour, although contentment these days has been less fleeting. This is a welcomed change. Life is a strange little journey we take on the road of understanding. Understanding ourselves and understanding others. These days I am understanding more about myself, and less about others - but I am not losing any sleep over it. My little corner of the universe is pretty full right now, and it is pretty positively charged. I am almost feeling guilty about it...Almost.... Life is not perfect, but then perfection is overrated!

Even with a crushed toe and creative budgeting, I feel very blessed and like the world is my oyster. I said 2010 was going to be my year, and it is looking that way. I am not even worrying about jinxing it! For once in a very long time, I am just satisfied with just being.

Now I am off to create.....

How is the corner of your universe?


  1. Things in my little corner of the universe are pretty peachy!! I too have finally found personal contentment after purging a moron or two....

  2. My corner of the universe could use some maintenance, for sure (like finding a new job) but for now I am content to be drinking mango juice and reading a Stephen King memoir.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  3. I am working to really change my thinking to be content with the present moment - whatever that may be. I've been working my way through Oprah's podcasts with Eckhart Tolle - they are perfect for reminding me to be in the present in all small things :-)

  4. I like the comment from theTsarita about maintenance. I think that might mean paying attention to keeping thinks in working order. Is that it?
    I am also getting fine with living an imperfect life. Don't we all. And by imperfect, I don't mean flawed or bad.

  5. Suzie Q - yep, purging can be quite cleansing.
    theTsaritsa - Mmm sounds good, all good things in time...
    varunner - will have to check those out!
    Grandmother Crone - Yes, maintenance is important, for even the most beautiful & productive of gardens can use a good gardener!

  6. love that you are feeling good about your corner of the world. it's amazing to take the moment and find the good in it. no bad mojo in recognizing that things are good and getting better. as for understanding others...i hate that we don't each have enough insight into other people...drives me crazy (or used to)... now i find out that i have a job just trying to understand me LOL

  7. @Grandmother Crone, yes, I think that's what I meant. I'm not trying to overhaul anything, just make improvements, or a little spring cleaning, so to speak.

  8. :) you go Kelly! it's not only your year, it's your decade baby ;)

  9. i love this. its so important to learn contentment. i'm learning this more and more as well... perhaps thats part of growing up and learning wisdom. learning to know who you are... and not the roles others expect you to play is so crucial too. and don't feel guilty about it :) you're beautiful dahling!

  10. Sounds like you have been doing good on your journey. Sorry about your toe.



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