Fashion Sense - An Acquired Taste

I know I am not the Fashion Queen, but I believe I have my own sense of style. Very underrated, usually pretty casual, and I definitely dress for comfort (most of the time). At times I make mother cringe, because I apparently don't go by her sense of what colours and/or patterns shouldn't go together. But I dress for me, and always have.

For my grade eight graduation I wore a tux with tails (actually matched my dates).

For my junior prom I had just finished watching A Hazard of Hearts with Helena Bonham Carter. I was thrust back to the 1800's and took an old sheet and made myself a beautiful empire waist ball gown. I still have it to this day. Paired with long white gloves and a pink satin sash, I felt like a Princess.

For my senior prom, I decided I wanted a sequined dress, and preceded of course, to make my own. Little did I know (about 3/4 finished the dress) that you can buy sequins in a row! I, up until that point, had been sewing them on ONE by ONE !!!!!! I even sewed them on my shoes so that they would be all sparkly like and match my one of a kind dress!! Still have that too !

I think my daughter has taken after her mother, and has her own distinct style. Check out the post here to see my peanut's amazing hat that we made. And here she is in all her stylish glory!

I hope she continues to expresses herself creatively, as I did, and develops more of her own unique style. I am happy she chooses to be her, instead of some of the horrible role models there are out there. Here's hoping she continues to choose to be he own authentic little being, and I am able to allow her to express herself in this way (after all, I still have the Mom gene!).


Jules said…
I love the baseball cap and shades! Not to mention the fairy wand. :)

Here's wishing she holds true to her mothers creative gene's as well.
Kristen said…
You are so awesome. I wish that more parents would foster their children's creativity instead of telling them "no" all the time.

Have you ever heard Harry Chapin's son, "Flowers Are Red"? It's a beautiful song and your posts make me think of it all the time. Here's a link to a video of it: It takes them a bit to get into the song, but stick with it. If you expand the thing right below the video it has the lyrics.
Love it! Your newest follower!
Kasie said…
What a cute little picture. I decided a long time ago that I would not dictate my girls fashion choices. I want them to be free to be them. They love it and can be quite creative at times. You should see the looks we get at church! I don't care long as they are happy with their look.

I want to see the picture of your prom dress! :)
Kelly said…
Jules, but most importantly are the fairy wings!!! These are a fashion standard for her these days!
Kristen, thank you. I checked out that song, it made me sad :( I have been told to colour inside the lines by many teachers and people alike, so I can relate!
Kasie, I'll see if I can dig them up....
My daughter is starting to show her own little style's neat to watch.

I think kids should not be stifled when it comes to their creativity in expressing long as they don't try to imitate Miley Cyrus or any of the other teeny bopper girls of today.
Batya said…
Who wants to be a cookie cutter? Our own style is authentic to us. It's fun, it's quirky, it may look like pj's but who cares?

When crocs first came out I saw a women in Ithaca wearing one orange and one blue croc. I cheered her. Now I'm cheering you (and all of us who like our personal style and are damn proud).
Batya said…
oops for got to mention that amazing hat. What a girl.
Lojo said…
Love it!

It always makes me power smile to see kids rockin' there own style :)
Corine Moore said…
OH... you remind me so much of my daughter. :) She is amazing with clothes and costumes... and just being her own person. I love it! Good for you, and good for your beautiful little girl; she looks simply amazing and free.
I love her sense of style! I hope she keeps up with that as she grows up...and man, I can't believe you sewed sequins onto a prom dress. That shows dedication! I'm impressed!
Najwa Pervin said…
Your daughter looks adorable !

I believe uniquness is what gives us our own distinct identity !
the mrs. said…
I totally agree with Najwa on both points.

And would like to add that uniqueness is absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful site & love your blogfrog community-it's my favorite!
Kelly said…
the Zany housewife, yes, there are some not so good role models out there...
Gramma Crone, I was laughing when I read your comment because i have done that before, lol!
Lojo, I love it when they are able to do so freely without the though of society or peer pressure. I only hope, like me, this lasts in her longer than most!
Corine, your daughter must be super-cool!!!!!
Alaina, yep, one at a time...I am trying to dig up some photos...
najwa, couldn't have said it better!
the Mrs., I gues we are all in agreement then :) And thank you for the amazing compliment!
Corine Moore said…
You said it! My daughter is absolutely... totaly and completely... 100% ~ SUPER COOL! From what I can tell, yours is, too! :)
Corine Moore said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said…
We sure are, WAY super cool, Corine :)

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