Sweet, Sweet Birthday Highs

This gal is simply overwhelmed by all the birthday wishes that were sent her way, in various forms yesterday.

Thank you Everyone.

So my day started off pretty sweet, awoken by a little serenading peanut, to her own little version of Happy Birthday Mommy. It was a beautiful day, perfect for an outdoor tea party. One cannot have a tea party without proper dress, so out came the party dresses. And the insistence that I wear one of my own of her choosing. What the hell, the queen would have approved, after all! On the way to the park (chosen tea party location) wildflowers were picked. (OK, maybe one or two from a neighbouring lawn where the gardens over reached onto the park's property.)

Said tea party was had (my lil peanut makes the best air cake & tea). Note backpack of all tea party essentials. This kid comes prepared! It's truly amazing how many stares two smokin' hot chicks all decked out, in homemade jewelery to boot, will get in the park...

Next on the agenda, was a desperate need of cooling down. SO off to the local zoo, and amazing splash park. Tell me who doesn't love a monkey that shoots water or a lion that spits? And who knew I would be the only adult getting wet? Their loss. They must've missed the party memo....Also a pit stop at the miniature train for a ride, and on the way back to the car, a quick jaunt in the fountain... (who said with age comes maturity?)

Out for dinner, mmmmmm, plus free birthday cake when little one mentions mommy's birth day. And home to make our coveted cupcakes...

Had to of course make several different colours of icing (thank you food colouring), cuz that's how we roll. Bless her little heart, my daughter insisted she liked the purple icing the best :) But I guess I can't blame her, since I insist the red smarties far out taste all the other coloured smarties!!!

What a wonderful way to begin my 37th year...and what do you know, I get to do it all over again next month! My mother wrote the wrong month on my birth certificate, so I take full advantage of her mistake...


Scott S. said…
Sorry I missed the big day yesterday. It sounds like you had a great one. I will make sure I am prepared for next months big day again.

Happy Birthday
Wow it sounds like you had a great day! She's a sweetie!
Alice said…
Happy belated birthday wishes!!!
Happy belated Birthday! Glad it was awesome :)
Kelly said…
Thanx, it was quite an amazing day. I truly am blessed.
Legacy said…
I'm not late, I'm early for next month.
Happy Birthday!

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