Pay it Forward Fridays

Well, it's that time again, time to Pay it Forward. Missed it last week due to my graduation, but I'm back today with some exciting news!

Holly Renee from Love Imagine Create, introduced me to this great web campaign happening, called The Big Give. An amazing idea that was put together by four bloggers from around the world in a random act of kindness contest. How way cool is that? Finally a contest which serves a greater purpose, one that capitalizes on human kindness and the spread of joy. Nice change. Fits in absolutely perfectly with our Pay it Forward Fridays venue.
The premise is to choose someone (or group of someones) that are your glorious recipient(s) of this act of kindness, and document it, with a twist...

"Here's the deal. First choose someone who inspires you, then find a way to make their day! Use a combination of your talent, creativity and time. The twist? Your budget will be limited to twenty dollars US. Then out-give yourself the biggest way possible!

As if that's not enough, check out the prizes you could win! Present your personal Big Give in any creative way you can imagine, submit them to our judges, and these awesome goodies could be yours. Do whatever it is you're amazing at, make the world a better place, and win some sweet stuff! What are you waiting for? Sing up now."

You can register for the contest here.

So go forth and Pay if Forward, I know I will, and of course...I'd love to hear about it...


So this time I will update with the random acts of kindness that I witnessed my four year old little peanut doing. So nice to see her grow into this amazing little person. So without any prompting from me:

1. Pick up multiple pieces of garbage on our trip to the park "to save the Earth" and put in proper garbage or recycling bin (love my little Earth lover!)

2. Pick a beautiful array of daisies and dandelions and other colourful wildflowers then proceeded to give them to a little girl in the park (the little recipient was so happy just beaming with the love filled bouquet tightly gripped in her hands).

3. Offered a little boy some of her cookies (such a good sharer).

I am a proud Mama, indeed.


Pamela Bousquet said…
Hi Kelly!
I SO love your idea for Fridays... don't know if you had time to read my previous comment to you on this subject, but "Paying it Forward" has been a very important part of my life, and my blog. Don't know why I didn't put "two and two" together earlier, but I'm going to take your lead, and follow your meme on my blog - I will begin by grabbing your Pay it Forward badge, and make sure there is a link to your blog as well. Bloggers (like us!) with positive messages to share need to stick together, and open up more readers to the infinite possibilities of sharing one smile, one story, at a time. Thanks SO much for the encouragement and CONNECTION. I feel so lucky to have LANDED here!! :)
grandawn said…
Yes, it's so important to show kindness. There just isn't enough of it.
Izabelle said…
I love that your daughter has such a giving spirit. That says a lot about you!
Anonymous said…
Wow this is an awesome concept! I am looking forward to doing this! I love that your little four year old is such a loving, caring little person...I wish all of us could stay that way forever! Glad to have finally stopped by your blog, I love all your blog frog post comments and its nice to see more of who you are!! Muah!
Mel said…
Hi Kelly. Mel from TBG here. Thanks for the plug. I love how people are getting excited about this idea.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm finally doing our "TBG network" page on the blog, to thank everyone who's helped us get the word out, and your blog will be up there.

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