O Canada

Happy Canada Day everyone! Eh!

I have to say I am a proud red & white wearin', poutine lovin', touque wearin', hockey cheerin', bacon sizzlin', John Candy laughin', maple leaf wearin', igloo buildin', dog sled ridin', moose spottin', beaver tailin', canoein' folk...EH?

Just for fun, tell me what three words you would use to describe Canadian?

For me they are:
1. polite
2. friendly
3. full of heart (ok that is technically 5, but who's counting?)


Corine Moore said…
I have a friend from Canada who is... fun, sassy, and spunky! ;) ~ Happy Canada Day to you! :D
Kelly said…
Hey, you just described me, LOL!!!
Cheryl said…
Hey Happy Canada Day. Three words makes it tough. For me, Canada is scenic, sophisticated and wild!
ana @ iMadeItSo said…
happy canada day from a fellow canadian blogger... 3 words? vast, free, and beautiful!

~ ana
alicia said…
Happy Canada Day!!
Unknown said…
Neighbor, Leaf, Seal-clubbing (that counts as one word if it's hyphenated, right?) :)
Kelly said…
AH, you're just jealous of our mounties and our poutine, Natasha;)
Kristy Pool said…
I have never been to Canada, but the three words I would use from my perception here in Texas is: Cold, Eh, and Dan Akroyd. But, I have to say, I have been watching Income Property on HGTV and I am pretty sure that is a Canadian show and I love listening to the accent!
Happy Canada Day!
Scott S. said…
Ohhhhhhhh Can-a-da you home and native land.

Lets see 3 words.

Beer, Flutie(as in Doug) and Nash(as in Steve)
Kelly said…
You are such a goofball This Daddy!!!!!
Legacy said…
Great white north.

And we don't have an accent.
Suzie Q said…
Happy belated Canada day!!!
beautiful, open, free

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