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I have been thinking a lot about the roles that I play in my life at the moment. At the top of the heap, is being a mother. I take this role very seriously, and get the most enjoyment out of this role. Being a single mom, I have a lot on my plate, but I feel I am up to the task.

I believe as mothers we are armed with the greatest task of all, preparing our children for the world and hopefully giving them the foundation and the knowledge to make the best choices for themselves so they can grow and blossom into the people they were meant to be.

I am like every other mother, wondering if I am too strict, not strict enough, am I providing her with the best examples of what a woman should encompass, am I giving her the tools she needs to succeed in her life?

I can now look back objectively at what perhaps my own mother faced raising not one, but three girls. Children do not come with instruction booklets, and at the end of the day, all we can do, is the best we can do. And when you know better, you do better.

As with most things in life, knowledge is key. Sometimes though, the most important part is deciphering where to obtain that knowledge. In this modern age, there is almost information overload, literally at our fingertips. It can be easy to get caught up in somebody else's ideas of what's right.

Every now and again I have learned to step back, take a deep breath, and focus on me. The Authentic me. She usually provides me with good direction, if I can just learn to listen to her!


Megan Belcher said…
This is great... I am just an Auntie for now but having a child is definitely in my future and I often ponder the unique role and responsibility that will mean for me :)
It is certainly hard in an age full of 'answers' from every source you can think of (and some that truly unthinkable!), but you're right on the money....step back and breath and trust in your ability to find the way. Besides, the more you have such a strong and certain sense of self, your little girl will be learning the best lesson ever. Every time she sees you find your way from worry and doubt to understanding and action she will see that path for herself. What a beautiful thing to be teaching her! Keep dancing! ;)
Mrs4444 said…
You are right on about this! There is no better (or more important) job on earth.
Alice said…
Well it is written, that the greatest calling for a woman, is to be a mother. Girls are wonderful and you can share so much with your daughter. My angel will soon be turning 21 and its like yesterday when she had that cute little voice that said Mommy, I love you. Enjoy every second with her. She is a gift.
Anonymous said…
Very wise! Your daughter is a lucky girl to have a Mummy like you!!
Liz Amason said…
Yep, listen to "her" !! Great post. I really appreciate your joy and forward looking attitude!
Unknown said…
I also have a 4 year old, so I know what you mean. Childcare is an imprecise science, you just have to do your best and accept that you can't do everything right, but that your child will still probably turn out alright. As Alice says, they are a gift, so I hope you are enjoying your time with her.
Holly Renee said…
I love this! We are on the same page. I think you are a great mom. I was so impressed with how you gave your daughter that camera to take pictures with. She really is a good photographer and I honestly saved the post so that I can remember to do something similar. You do a great job and I bet a lot of that comes down to listening to the Authentic you. As always, I love your insight and writing.
Shayna said…
This is so true - we can ony do the best we can, and to beat ourselves up further just brings us down - which means we're not going to do as well! I firmly believe that when we are happy we are better friends, family members, and colleagues - and happiness does not come from nitpicking! Thanks for stopping by Life: Forward - love you comments!
Unknown said…
I SOOOOO agree, I believe that we are the best moms for our children, I do not parent at all like my sister does but she is the best mom for her kids and I am the best mom for mine, I may have thoughts or suggestions for other moms but I would never assume that I know better than they do what is best for their children.

I'm so glad that every one of us has the ability to figure out what is best for us and our children if we will only listen to that inner voice that whispers to our hearts in a way that only we can hear and understand.
Kelly said…
Wow..can I just say that women rock!! We are such amazing creatures. Thanx for all of your comments, they mean so much to me, we are all so different, yet share a common thread, and I love how we weave into our society!
Lavonda Pflug said…
The Word of God is a good instruction book.
I raised 3 girls of my own. I know what a job it is. I wish you the best!
I agree with listening to yourself first. Information overload and trying to follow someone else's path can be exhausting. Good for you!

I ditto PVDela's words.
Hi! I'm new to reading you blog & I love this post! You put motherhood into words perfectly. Even after 4/5 kids I am still always thinking the same as you wrote above. I wish we became pro's at it with the more children we have... but it just doesn't work that way. With each child we open up a whole new world of questions & concerns as if each & every child needed it's own instruction booklet. Thanks for posting this :)
Suzie Q said…
How delightful! As a mom, I can relate to the craziness associated with it as well as the pressure to do it well. Listening to yourself truly is key, thank you.

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