Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today while me and my little peanut were giggling about how dirty we were (playing in the mud, again) it kinda dawned on me how truly changed my life is. In a much deeper, and broader sense, this little entity has provided me with growth, faith, laughter and a love I could not have imagined. She pushes me to be better, strive farther, dance everyday, and laugh deep.

It is so easy to get lost in our everyday lives, and forget to be thankful for both BIG and the little things in it. With school, jobs, bills, chores, eating, playing, sleep and worries, gratitude can be forgotten.

I am grateful for the life I am living, and all of the opportunities that I have been given, even though I don't always act that way. Sometimes I can be found focusing more on what I don't have. That is a habit I am trying to break.

I believe there are many people in our lives who enter them, and leave us forever changed. Sometimes the changes aren't always evident, and sometimes the changes are HUGe. And we cannot remember the WE we were prior to their arrival.

Today I am taking a moment to be thankful to those who have helped to shape the woman I am today. And at the top of that list, well.... if a picture is worth a thousand words....

What are you grateful for today?


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Beautiful words. Beautiful picture. beautiful reminder. Thank you.

  2. Not everything that has shaped me, is all good. I suppose I should still be thankful for that too or I would not be who I am today and stronger.


  3. Hey Kelly what a beautiful post and how spooky too as I've been presented with "gratitude" several times in the last few days. I too am guilty of forgetting to be as grateful as I should be. How fantastic that we can blog across the world and make connections with people we might not ever meet otherwise. Gorgeous photo and thoughts. Many thanks.

  4. Really nice, Kelly.

    I also try to find something each day to be grateful for. For those of us who've had a hard road to travel, it begins with just looking at one small thing each day ... perhaps the food on your plate, or the roof over your head. By looking at the small things we take for granted so often, each day, our attitude changes to include an even bigger list of things we know we are Blessed with.

    Have a beautiful Day!! :D

  5. I really needed this... thank you :)

    I am grateful for the inspiration and kindness that I get from my blog friends (this is a perfect example) and for the love and support I get from my family.

  6. Beautiful! :D

    I'm thankful for my new friend, Dee! I'm also thankful for all my old friends, and of course... family. :)

  7. lovely picture :) thank you for making me stop and think on this!

    i'm thankful for my devoted husband and my unborn son, who has already given me so much more than i ever dreamed possible.

  8. Beautiful smile, I like picture. :-)

  9. I am grateful to all of you who post comments. Thank you, they mean the world to me :)

  10. Thanks Kelly, for your influence on the current generation of women raising the next generation of children. If they catch your vision there is hope for the world.

  11. Kelly, almost every post you write shows how lucky your daughter is to have such a great mom. This post also reminds me that whatever challenges my teenagers present (and there are a few from time to time), I cannot imagine my life without them. Thanks.

  12. I love the picture :) I have to say how grateful I am for my mother. She has 100 percent shown me how to be independent and how to get through the hard times.

  13. Sharon, I hope I am a positive influence, as I have had many of my own :). Thank you for the kind words.
    Legacy, that is incredibly kind of you, although I think I am the lucky one!! Ah the teenage years, they seem so far away from me, although I know they will sneak up on me, lol!!
    After B comes C, I love that your mom has been such a positive influence on you, I hope to be the same on my little peanut :)

  14. This was so beautiful!

    I'm grateful to have a job, after being unemplyed for entirely too long.

  15. Like you, I am grateful for my life, family, friends, and God's grace in the big and small things... we are connected on SITS. It's been a pleasure visiting your blog.

  16. Erin, I so feel you on that one :)
    Elizof, the pleasure was mine.

  17. Isn't it amazing how different life looks through the eyes of a child? When my daughter was young and discovering the world around her, it gave me a chance to see things in a new and refreshing way. Things I had taken for granted, or simply didn't notice, popped out at me. Parenting is a life-changing experience! Enjoy it - they grow up so fast!

  18. The love you have for your daughter just oozes through this post!!!!



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