Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It was bound to happen, she was bound to grow up....
First there was this:

And now she has graduated to this:

When did she grow up so fast, when did she start to talk in full sentences and walk without falling, start school? When did she transition from a toddler into a little girl? My baby is no longer my baby. I guess I have known this for awhile, but it seemed painfully obvious today. But at least the training wheels are still on. At least she still openly hugs and kisses me (even asked if she could hold my hand while she was biking today). Before I know it she will be in high school, then college, then....
Ok, breathe, try not to get ahead of yourself Kelly. Try and enjoy the today, the here and the now. Rejoice in the little things like the bouquet of dandelions that was picked for you. Growth, transitions and change are inevitable, but in my arms she will always be my baby girl.


CM said...

Oh, she will always be your little girl, no matter what! Congrats on the bike.

Anonymous said...

I love the little doggie in the basket....priceless!


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