Pay it Forward Fridays

Welcome to the second showing. Everyone up toplaying today?
What better way to enter your weekend, then with good karma, and a smile in your heart.
So, for those of you stopping by for the first time, today is the day I inspire you to do 3 beautiful acts of random kindness, to three unsuspecting people.
After, recently re-watching the Pay it Forward, Warner Bros. Movie (2000), I was inspired to make my Fridays; Pay it Forward, Fridays.

I was going to make up my own little video, but it seemed like a lot of work, I'd have to see if my computer had an Ap for it, learn how touse it, so on, and so forth..... Although I have no doubt that I could fulfill this endeavor, I decided it was easier to look on You Tube for one...

There is also a whole Pay it Forward Movement (, and a Foundation to go along with it. Go check them out!
You can read about it here.

So, go forth, my friends, and PAY IT FORWARD...

I know I will, & I will post about it later... you should too!

Update on my random acts of kindness:

1. Sent some unsuspecting mail to someone who really needed it (with homemade gifts inside). I personally LOVE, good old fashioned snail mail :)

2. Gave away my freshly bought popsicle, to someone who needed it more than I did!

3. Lent my car to a friend…

** Received random act of kindness by coming home the other day to 2 beautifully filled flower pots on my porch J.


Holly Renee said…
Beautiful idea. Glad you posted this. I will go forth and pay it forward!
Donna Perugini said…
Love your logo and name of the blog! Your little girl is awesome...especially copying her mom.

Drop by my blog and download some free coloring pages for her. Can you send me a photo of her colored page? Maybe she could do it :)
Anonymous said…
I think this a wonderful idea....missed your post this week, but I see you were graduating...congrats!
Kimberly Walker said…
Great way to Pay it Forward. I sure hope you keep up with this every Friday... as I would love to participate in this as well. You should create a button for the next post so that more people can link to get this started... it's a great idea!
Great blog... I am now following and definatly looking forward to reading more of your work.

All the best,
Pam said…
Being a HUGE fan of this movement, WHAT IT MEANS, and, not to mentione the MOVIE, I absolutely LOVED this posting!!

So many people just don't realize how a seemingly "tiny" thing can make a huge difference in someone else's life. Wonderful meme, Kelly. Is anyone else doing this? Lots of bloggers adopted "Wordless Wednesdays," etc...want to start a movement on Fridays for this? (Let me Know!)
Kelly said…
Kimberly, finally finished my Pay it Forward button...feel free to grab it and spread the word...Pam thank you so much for your words, I would love to be the push of our little movement !!!
Batya said…
I love the Pay It Forward opportunity you give to all of us and will be sure to use my Fridays to consciously be kind and pay it forward. I have added your button to my blog as a reminder. I love your blog & will spend spend more time catching up. This is my first visit. Blessings.

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