It is definitely a virtue, and I think that I have quite a bit of it...but I don't think anywhere near the amount to do this or this. All I have to say is WOW. If you can't see the links, it is the super-cool lego re-enactment of the Matrix and Kill Bill. The Matrix one was done by Legomatrix, but I am not so sure about the other one. Both I found on YouTube. Can't even imagine the time and energy taken to do these?!?! The caption for the Matrix one says that it took 440 hours to complete? Can you imagine putting 440 hours into something like that? Once again, WOW!

These days I am lucky if I brush my hair and go out the door not wearing the T-shirt I slept in!
Thanx for reading ... what things do or don't you have patience for?


Anonymous said…
I do not have the patience for stupid people!!! They can just move on out of my way! Those lego things were really cool. I am with you, I sure wouldn't have the patience to do one of those!!! I don't even have the patience to build card castles, let alone domino things!!! Keep posting!
S.I.F. said…
I have never possessed the patience to make my bed. It's always seemed like such a waste of a chore to me!
Cora Lynne said…
I don't have the patience for just comes back - why bother?
Love your blog!

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