The Most Amazing Hat

Today I am going to show you how I earned a great big smiling face from my little girl, made the most amazing hat, first place in the parade, and a ton of crafty fun along the way...

First, buy, find, make any hat, make sure it is pretty solid. I got this one for a buck 25 at the Dollar Store.

Second take some paints

Next, let your little person paint their hat to their liking

Allow to dry. Then, with a hot glue gun add a bunch of glittery, cool bits (I got this great pink butterfly on a spring at the dollar store) and raided my mother's fake flower stash. Obviously adults use the hot glue gun, while the little people point out the perfect spots to place said items.

We also made a bunch of flowers out of paper streamers to decorate both the hat and the bike.

Since we had a butterfly theme happening (plus my daughter would like both a pet butterfly and a horse, in her room, no less) sparkly butterflies were added throughout. Purple ribbon curls were attached for some whimsy. And of course she wore her fairy wings while riding in the parade.

So that is how the Most Amazing Hat came about, and another cool mother-daughter crafting experience had. She didn't even really care about getting first place (although she got a cool prize!) She was just so ecstatic to actually be in the parade, and wave to everyone and have them wave back! I just love these days!!!


alicia said…
That is some hat. A child's magical dream hat for sure. She's lucky to have such a crafty mommy.
I these pics for when she's older.
Oh, Kelly, you must share a shoe story with the Sole Sisters...say you will.
Kelly said…
I would be honoured, Salma.

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