Saturday, May 1, 2010

Late night murmurings...

Am loving having a full house this weekend. Am taking care of my sister's kids, and have a full house of little girls. My four year old daughter is an only child, so she is in heaven!!! So cute, kept saying "guys, guys, come see this guys!" Determined to show her cousins every inch that was hers in the house. So happy to have someone to play with, you could just tell she was imploding with excitement! Family. So nice to have. Tomorrow, or I just glanced at the time, should I say, today, I plan to introduce creativity...I have a HUGE canvas that we are all gonna paint tomorrow. The kids love coming over to Auntie Kelly's house!! Wasn't it Picasso who said that he spent his whole life learning to paint like a child? Will post our masterpiece tomorrow...


  1. Sounds like you have a busy weekend in store. I love to paint, but often don't take the time!

  2. I make a point to always paint with my daughter. Being a single mom, who just graduated (last week) from a post secondary program, time is something that is often fleeting. But my little artist is happiest when she is creating. I think she gets that from me :) SO although my own creative processes have been on the backburner, we always create together. I am her biggest fan, and our house is like an art gallery as her canvases are featured throughout! I am trying to make a point to create everyday. Balance.



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