The Jewelery Maker

My little girl, LOVES to make jewelry. Especially beading. She will sit for hours and make beautiful necklace, after beautiful necklace. She is so creative. She even will find things around the house to add to her unique creations. I particularly love when she puts all different buttons on them. She has a wonderful colour sense, and visual appeal. And am very fortunate to be a proud owner of many of them. She is very generous with her gifts. So to capture her wonderful jewelry making abilities, I decided to get back to scrapbooking. It has been far too long! I have not been able to do any scrapbooking while I was going to school. So now that I am graduated, yeah me, I spent a wonderful weekend with my sister, and we scrapbooked our little hearts out!
I will post some of the pages when I get home and can scan them in, including one of my favourites of my little Jewelry Maker.


M.M.E. said…
Oh, she's so cute! It looks like she's going to grow up to be a very creative young lady.
Legacy said…
Reading your posts makes me a bit nostalgic of the years when they first discover themselves and the world around them.

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