How to Start Your Day Off Right...

Here are three guaranteed ways to start your day on the right track:

1. Wake up to little feet running and a little person dive bombing into your bed on top of you and giving you a gigantuous, love oozing hug while giggling and attacking you with kisses.

2. Have your little person pick you a handful of dandelions (the white kind that you blow) and says "cwuz I lub you mommy".

3. Have your portrait drawn by a creative 4 yr old. There is no way it cannot evoke a smile :)
(is that a double negative? oh well, you know what I mean)

Let's say it together....AWWWWWWwwwwwwww.

Makes you wanna keep 'em.


keiko said…
hi kelly,

what a cute and sweet little girl you have!
i was a young single mother myself.
(i'm not getting any younger)
mother is a tough job, but it's fun, too.

thanx for your visit to my blog.
have a lovely day!

Teresa said…
Hi Kelly!
Thanks for popping over to Bainbridge!
Delighted to know my KALE looked YUMMY to you!
Hope you will try it!
I use to teach First Grade!
And would always ask my students to draw me and paint my portrait!
I LOVED the way the kids could paint me!
And saved many of the paintings!
I always made sure they put PINK lipstick on1 ;o)
Anonymous said…
aww, is right! That is sweet. Reminded me of my favorite Saturday morning. My husband and I woke up to both our "kids" - our son and our cat-respectively sitting on each of us waiting for us to open our eyes.
xo.sorcha.ox said…
Hi Kelly! Thank you for stopping by my blog, it was lovely to have you there and I hope you will return often. You have a cute blog happening here yourself! :) I dont have any human children, but I do have a dog-son who likes to crawl into bed with me every morning at around 6am. It's awesome in winter because he's just so warm and snuggly.
Have a great day!
Liz said…
I had to say your written kid-speak out loud! :) That's so sweet, and extra sweet the way it was said.
Kelly said…
Yep Liz, I already miss the way she used to say certain things, as she is getting older and her speech is getting better. But there are a few cute ones left :) Thanx for stopping by, everyone.

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