Goofiness is Terribly Underrated

Sometimes you just have to put away all of the many people that you are, the professional, the student, the mother, the peacekeeper....and pull out your inner child - and just be GOOFY!


What goofy things did You do this weekend?


Unknown said…
So true. I spent the afternoon running thru the sprinklers with my grandson. We laughed & giggled and my Hubs thought we were nuts. I think he secretly was jealous!

Thanks for joining my BF community! I'm headed over to yours now.
CherylT said…
These pictures are so cute. I bet your children had a lot of fun making them and seeing themselves online.

The goofiest thing I did over the weekend was dog sit for a dog who may have been a little too much to handle. You should have seen her pulling me along on her leash. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. Good thing there were no cameras.
I actually had to try and stand on my head. My goofiness only lasted about three whole minutes. I have a short attention span!
Kelly said…
Colleen, sprinklers are a blast...thanx for stopping by.
Cheryl, I will take that as a compliment as that is me and my daughter in the photo :) I think you made my day!!!
Lisa, some goofiness, is better than no goofiness, in my book!
Shopper Gal said…
I love it. It's so great to be silly & laugh!
I wanted to say Thank you for finding me on Blog Frog :) I'm now following you, too! Your blog is super cute :)

Have a great day!
hchybinski said…
LOVE these pictures! Great blog too! Thanks for stopping by mine & commenting. =)

so cute!! this is what life is all about :)
Legacy said…
Mine are teens, and if they don't tell me to grow up at least once during my week, I feel like I have let us all down. Never stop being silly.

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