Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vampire Me

I believe that people are either born as morning people, or night people. I am DEFINITELY a night owl, and have always been. My mom says that I was while in her womb, and ever since I was blessed into this world. And thusly I have followed in my vampirish ways...
Not to say I haven't had to curb them in lieu of jobs, school, and life... but it is definitely my natural tendency. So here I am now, after 11:00 pm, just starting my evening :)
I am new to this cyber world, but I am a fast learner...
My creative juices start to flow at this time as well, as my brain starts to formulate paintings, drawings, sculptures, and interesting tidbits. I have a cohesive work of art, bubbling in my unconscious. It is waiting to spring forward to my consciousness and let out on to canvas. I have these huge canvasses that are awaiting its arrival...
Perhaps tonight the flow will begin...


  1. I con relate, although I am truly a morning person, lol! Catch you on the flipside, L.

  2. Vampires unite!! A lot of people with fibromyalgia (like myself) can totally relate to how you feel. It's a catch 22 situation because I end up sleeping my day away. Then up blogging, playing online games, chatting with other vampires at night.

  3. I'm such a night owl, too. Why do we get such a bad rap?

  4. Us vampires have to stick together...except I am now getting too old for this 2-3 a.m. thing--especially when I have to be up at 6a.m. for my sons school! I have been stretching the limits during summer vacation with my late night antics, but school is starting again in three week!

    You have a great blog, thank you!


  5. Vampires rule LOL I'm a night owl too :) Visiting you from “first post” linky! Thank you for visiting me :)



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